Field of Work


Civil Lawsuits

We provide the best legal services in various cases arising from civil transactions and contracts.

Business Lawsuits

We provide support and legal advice to many companies, and we are always seeking leadership in corporate and commercial law.

Labor Lawsuits

We defend and defend corporate and individual labor lawsuits and labor law issues. We also draft and edit employment contracts and educate clients about their rights and obligations

Criminal Lawsuits

Specialists in the defense and prosecution of criminal cases before all criminal courts.

Personal Lawsuits

We offer the best legal advice in all matters related to marriage, divorce, inheritance and the provisions of each of them, which are related to the personal status law.

Companies Establishing

We have extensive knowledge in the field of establishing and registering all legal entities such as companies, institutions and branches of foreign companies, associated with the law of companies and all local laws and regulations, including the preparation of various documents and obtaining the required licenses.

Contract Drafting

Specialists in the establishment and drafting of private and commercial contracts in a manner that will prevent you from falling into any legal problems in the future.


Specialized in all relevant provisions of the laws relating to arbitration and the international rules on conciliation, arbitration and dispute resolution

Legal advice

We provide legal advice to our clients of various types, where we have a selection of the best legal advisers

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